Stealing pantyhose from girls

Posted on September 21 2009 by admin

I am pantyhose deprived! I had a girlfriend who would keep sex very hot by wearing her pantyhose or stockings, but now she is gone and I have no sexy sent of a woman in pantyhose. Can anyone help me out by sending me their worn pantyhose?

Stealing pantyhose from girls you know really turns up the heat because you can imagine them wearing them while you play. I had a wild thing happen to me this last summer. My girfriend must have told her best friend about my pantyhose fetish becuase one night we were all at this party and I had to pee. so I went into the mens restroom and while I was releiving my bladder my girlfriends best friend walked in and grabbed me from behind. she turned me around and we had wild sex right there in the mens restroom. before we went back to the party she gave me her pantyhose and told me that if I ever needed more, just let her know. WOW I still have dreams about that night.

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