Smell from worn sheer nylons

Posted on October 8 2009 by admin

This world has suppressed us with showers, fragrances, laundry, killing the first sense for sex – our noses. But no better smell is that from worn sheer nylons. It will intoxicate you better than any drug imaginable. Not all ones can be sniffed, only from women on a rating scale of 6+..ok 5+…out of 10.

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  1. Chris Taylor says:

    Love the site. I’ve had a nylon fetish since high school and my first girlfriend. She would wear pantyhose all the time, and the look, feel and smell of her nylon clad feet and legs always got my juices flowing. Sometimes I would sneak down to the laundry room and take a pair of her (or her mom’s) nylons. I would sniff and lick them and then sheath my erect penis in the heavenly fabric while I masturbated. I also developed an addiction to foot jobs and sniffing, licking and ejaculating on women’s pumps. Women who wear and look good in nylons and high heels are the ultimate attraction for me to this day.

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