Have you ever worn pantyhose during sex?

Posted on July 14 2010 by admin
A picture of women's legs in pantyhose
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Have you ever put on thigh highs or full pantyhose, with the crotch cut out, during intercourse to make your man happy? How often does this happen? What do you think of it? I’d love to know all your thoughts. Well, my husband loves kinky outfits. I used to work at a hotel where I had to wear a damned maids outfit, and let me tell you, he loved it. I had to wear black panty hose and when I would get a rip in them I could no longer wear them to work so my husband would rip them a bit and such. Also the thigh highs I have with a garter that I bought just for him. We don’t do it much any more because I no longer work at the hotel. But it was fun when we did, it always made me feel sexy. If he likes it I will cater to him. After all I married him right.

Teenage Girls Exercising In Pantyhose

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